Rotary Business resumption plan

As Singapore’s Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) progressively declares foreign worker dormitories covid-19 cleared, Rotary embarks on the next phase of our Business Resumption Plans following our return to work sites. Our key projects in Singapore, including Jurong Port Tank Terminal (Phase 2), Neste Singapore Expansion Project, Shell Bukom Expansion Project, as well as our Tuas and Jurong Island workshops, have all safely resumed operations.

Emerging from these difficult times, it is pivotal to remain vigilant and exercise added caution. Embracing a new normal in safety culture, Rotary advocates strict compliance to our Safe Management Measures (SMM) to ensure the health and safety of all our workers.

Our SMM is detailed into safety granularity spanning pre-work (health checks, contact tracing, security checks etc), on-site (clustered deployment, staggered working hours, safe distancing measures etc) and post-work procedures (disinfection of workplace etc).

We applaud the efforts and resilience of all our colleagues over the past months, and pledge to do our utmost to ensure business resumption is executed safely and responsibly. #Smartthinkingsafehands