JPTT Safety Manhours 500,000


Last month, the Jurong Port Tank Terminals (JPTT) Phase 2 Project has achieved a significant milestone by completing 500,000 safe manhours without loss of life or injury.

This achievement serves as a timely encouragement as the team manoeuvres through uncertain times caused by the series of dormitory related COVID cases in Singapore and the months of site shutdown earlier this year. We are glad to have resumed our projects, with strong commitment into business-resumption work safety adjustments. Check out our previous post on our safety measures here

Rotary’s commitment to continuous safety improvement at work does not stop here. In tandem with our JPTT safety achievement, our team has rolled out concurrent Quality and Safety Campaigns to augment standards at site – bringing training live on-site by setting up Quality and Safety Booths, enabling our colleagues to learn about best-in-class quality and safety requirements in a familiar and relatable setting.