Sinmec Engineering Services Private Limited (“Sinmec”), a subsidiary of Rotary Group of Companies, is established to provide design & detailed engineering services to a wide spectrum of business sectors that mainly include tank farms, storage facilities, and jetty topsides in the oil & gas industry. Sinmec is located in Chennai, the largest industrial & commercial center in South India.

With the latest 3D modeling software & enterprise-wide applications for material management, our team of professionally-trained and experienced engineers are able to execute full spectrum of multi-disciplinary projects that meet the requirements of our client.

With sound fundamental domain knowledge and quality works, Sinmec is reputable in its detailed engineering capabilities to many of our international clients. We also provide value added services such as procurement assistance, construction support, SPRD service, SPM service & model review.

Our engineers have expertise in the following activities:

  • Review of design criteria, design documents & drawings
  • Basic design & multi-disciplinary detailed engineering
  • Preparation & review of standard templates, specifications, analysis, calculations, datasheets in compliance with international codes
  • Customized & tested and simplified workflows for generating highly organized 3D model. Seamless integration of 3D model with Material Management System & SAP
  • Generation of customized layouts, isometrics, spool drawings & GA drawings
  • Modeling & clash resolution based on best practices and compliance with EDMS & quality procedures
  • Extraction of 3D model reviews, BOM, MTO & reports
  • As-built project modelling based on drawings & site markups
  • EPC support & project coordination

The above are the result of implementing the latest technologies such as 3D modeling, material management using SPM & SPRD systems, established interfaces between design systems & SAP and Smartplant Foundation for the integrated work environment. These are used seamlessly by our trained and certified 3D Engineers.

Pump Station Universal Terminal,

Buffer Tank Area Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP), Singapore

VLCC Jetty NO: 1 Port Of Fujairah, UAE

Shell Tank Farm & PSVM LPSF, Singapore

Sinmec works from a well-equipped office located in Chennai, the Engineering Hub of South India with access to e-Library for the latest engineering standards and codes. Using the latest cutting edge technology for our operations, we have developed IT infrastructure for networking, communication systems such as IP-VPN & MPLS as per international standards, and voice & video connectivity system. In short, we have high-performance workstations and servers for all engineering applications, databases, and domain servers.

In addition, all our hardware and software are maintained by an in-house IT team who maintains the best-in-class back-up infrastructure. This stable & robust system architecture not only improves redundancies, but also allows efficient storage & retrieval, while at the same time ensuring the integrity of all our data. Not only will our clients’ information be secured, the infrastructure will also provide better work performance, higher productivity, ease of use, and increased scalability - making it beneficial for Sinmec and all our clients.

Administration Building
Lube Park Shared Facility (LPSF), Singapore

Pipe Rack
LPSF, Singapore

Sinmec uses the latest SmartPlant Suite 3D technology to visualize & provide concurrent real time engineering for optimized design, resulting in better accuracy, efficiency, shortened project schedules and achieving cost effectiveness.

Selected interfaces we use to minimize manual intervention:

  • SPRD to SP3D and PDS
  • SP3D to Tekla and StaadPro
  • SP3D and PDS to SPM


Selected engineering software & tools we use in executing projects:

    • SmartPlant 3D (SP3D) -3D modelling & custom deliverables
    • SmartPlant Review (SPR) – Model review, walk-through & snapshots
    • SmartPlant Ref Data (SPRD) – Part number & specification management
    • Standard Database for SPM (SDB) – Interface from SPRD to SP3D catalog
    • SmartPlant Materials (SPM) – Enterprise Material Management App
    • Spoolgen – Generation of piping spool drawings
    • Plant Design System (PDS) – Legacy 3D modeling application
    • Tekla Structures - Steel detailing software
    • StaadPro – Structural designing software
    • NavisWorks – Model review application
    • Caxperts Reporting Tools – Reporting tool
    • 2D Drafting tools – 2D drafting and symbol creation


    Leveraging on our extensive network, we are able to utilize the IT expertise of our vendors, and combining that with our engineering capabilities, to provide customized solutions to suit all requirements. Some examples of such are the integration of SPRD, SP3D and SPM to allow the transfer of BOM for civil and structural discipline from 3D model to Material Management System, and the integration of 3D model with SPPID and SPI using SmartPlant Foundation.

    Supported by our dedicated team for customization of catalogs, BOM, reports, isometrics and drawings, we use simplified workflow, checklists and job notes for better productivity.

    Combining our internal 3D model checking procedures with the use of model review, approval and clash resolution procedures will adhere to the quality and EDMS standards published by REL.

    Overall Area
    Universal Terminal, Singapore

    Overall Area
    Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP), Singapore

    Tank Farm Area (JGP)
    ExxonMobil, Singapore

    MJ22 Jetty Trestle
    Oil Tanking, Singapore

    Tank Farm
    Fujairah Oil Terminal, UAE

    MJ22 Jetty Duck
    Oil Tanking, Singapore