PT. Rotary Engineering Indonesia ("PTREI"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rotary Group of Companies, is well established as a hub for the off-site prefabrication of parts so as to provide Rotary with strong shop fabrication support to deliver projects in the most efficient and timely manner.

At PTREI, we pledge to provide excellence in safety, quality and productivity for all our projects. Tapping onto the strengths and resources of Rotary, we are proud to deliver projects that constantly meet the requirements of our clients.


With over 12 hectares of facility including laydown, workshops, fabrication yard & wharf, together with a total workforce of over 350, we are capable of undertaking projects from global giants in the Oil & Gas, Petroleum, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical industries.

Fully-equipped with facilities such as cutting and bevelling all-in-one machines for carbon & stainless steel pipes, automatic welding machines capable of SMAW & GTAW (MIG & TIG), rolling machines, bandsaw & automated blasting machines, we are capable of producing at the highest quality.

Our fabrication workshops are capable of producing 3000 DB of piping works and 6 tonnes of structural & tankage works per day. Our blasting & painting workshops are also capable of up to 300 m2 of paint works per day.

We also invest in cranes to facilitate logistical needs. For instance, our 3 units of 25-ton All Terrain Crane allow us to carry out lifting works immediately as required by projects. This helps to reduce execution time, allowing us to pass on cost savings to clients. 


Rotary has a total of 5 fabrication workshops spanning across key regions in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, strategically align with our group’s direction for the support of our multinational projects with our unique execution plans. Apart from providing fabrication support to our EPCM services in these regions, our workshops are fully equipped with capabilities to support fabrication projects as required by our clients worldwide.
Occupying a combined total area of more than 30 hectares, these 5 workshops are capable of fabricating more than 1.2 million DB of piping, 8,000 tonnes of structural steel, and 45,000 tonnes of plates rolling per year. With our effort in expanding our presence in the Middle East, we are expecting our 6th workshop to be completed in Fujairah, UAE by Q3 2017.

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Spanning over 12 hectares of land, PTREI consists of a total of six sheltered workshops, laydown areas and an open fabrication yard. Four of these sheltered workshops are equipped with overhead cranes while the other two are equipped with automatic blasting machines solely for blasting and painting purposes.

The laydown area of over 2000 m2 is capable of storing large amount of raw materials and fabricated pipe spools & structures. We also have an open fabrication yard of approximately 200 m2, dedicated primarily for the fabrication & erection of tankages, and assembly of large structures. Mobile shelters will be deployed during inclement weather to ensure fabrication works are shielded in order to minimize corrosion. 

Movement of materials between workshops and within our yard is done with the help of our fleet of heavy duty vehicles. Consisting of three units of 25-tonnes All Terrain Crane, four units of forklift each between 4.5 to 7 tonnes, and one unit of primer mover with a 3-axle chassis, efficient workflow is assured from the receipt of raw materials all the way till shipment of finished items.

Shipment is a simple and clear-cut process here. We have a private wharf with two barges made ready for transportation. Timely delivery is our assurance to clients.


PTREI strives to achieve customer satisfaction through safety, quality and productivity by constantly upgrading our technological expertise.

We invested in Submerged Arc Welding (SAW) machines which are known to produce higher welding speed, reduced weld distortions and deeper penetrations - all so to ensure weld quality with the highest productivity. In addition, we employ a pipe spool tagging system for all our spools in every single project, with the purpose to establish traceability. We do this by having a unique spool tag for all of our fabricated spool, with information such as “Area”, “Drawing Number”, “Sheet Number”, “Spool Number”, “Revision Number” being indicated. The spool tags are colour-coded for immediate identification of the "Area" of each spool.

In addition, we also employ Barcoding System, especially during shipment to project sites, to ensure both our clients and us have full traceability of all spools.